Welcome to our website. We hope that you will find inspiration and information to help you choose your Smart Light Frames® product!

Currently we have four products available, and details can be found in our Products page:

  1. Wall Frames
  2. Desk Frames
  3. Display Frames
  4. Whiteboard Frames
  5. Coming Soon in 2015…Surface-Mounted Lighting Frames

All of the frames are designed so that your own artwork can be attached. Or you can chose works of art that are created by our resident artist, Grant Parker.


  • Your own glass art works mounted in high quality picture frames
  • Internal LED lighting, low heat, low power
  • No mains wires required – power by rechargeable standard batteries
  • Easy to install – as simple as hanging a painting on the wall or standing a picture frame on a desk
  • Movement sensors can be used to turn the LED lights on/off
  • Remote control & mobile phone apps with a 5 metre range for on/off
  • Different lighting levels to suit the location and mood
  • Our resident artist’s work for sale
  • Available direct from the manufacturer




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