Desk Frames

One of the most recent additions to our product portfolio is the Desk Frame. Taking inspiration from the original Smart Light Frames®, the Desk Frame is smaller and comes with solid stands that enable you to place it around your home or office.

The Desk Frame can be used in so many different settings. Here are a few ideas that we love:

  • Night light
  • Engagement/wedding gifts
  • Trophy and awards
  • Commemoration of events and occasions

In addition to customising the artwork on theDesk Frame, we also have a laser engraving machine, that enables you to add personalised messages onto the frame mount.

Laser Message

All Desk Frames come with low voltage mains power, similar to mobile phone chargers.

Night Light

The Night Light is an elegant solution to the eternal problem of looking after children during the night. Several features set the Night Light apart from other products on the market today:

  • Art work: with stylish but fun art work, which can be lovely for both you and your children to look at.
  • Light brightness: With a dimmer switch and low-voltage mains power, the Night Light will never let you down. With a built-in dimmer switch, you have complete control over the brightness levels of the LEDs. For example,
    • you can increase the brightness to help you see during those midnight nappy changes
    • you can increase the brightness to help your children wake up during the dark winter mornings
    • you can reduce the brightness to whatever level helps your child fall asleep

The Night Light also makes a beautiful gift for mums-to-be and we can also package the Night Light as part of a gift set (with nappies, socks, bibs, and teddy bear).

Here are pictures of one of our Night Lights being used in a home with a newborn baby:



Seeing bears in the dark

Engagement/Wedding presents

With our laser machine, we can write a special message to celebrate an occasion, such as the wedding date or best wishes.

Trophy and awards

The Desk Frame makes for a fantastic, unique award. Whether you want a trophy for your local golf competition or an award for excellent teamwork in the office, the desk light artwork can be customised to fit the occasion and your chosen words can be engraved into the frame mount.

Commemoration of significant events and occasions

A Desk Frame can be used to commemorate a religious occasion such as a Baptism or Bar Mitzvah or Ashrama, or to celebrate a personal milestone, such as a 50th wedding anniversary. They also make lovely decorations, whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even Halloween!

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