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With our Smart Light Frames® , we can offer you high quality picture frames for hanging on the wall displaying your kiln-fired glass artwork, with the addition of LED lights to illuminate the glass from behind.

Through working with other glass artists, we found that people were struggling with ways in which to display their kiln-fired glass artwork. As you can see from the picture below, using high-quality frames, makes a beautiful presentation medium for the kiln-fired glass. It is also a safe way to display what can potentially be a fragile piece of art.

Kim Bramley glass item on SLF - not backlight

In addition to solving the challenge of displaying the art, we also realised that many of the pieces of artwork could be illuminated, with amazing results; not only do the colours change but the whole mood of the piece can change.

In the following picture, we can see the earlier piece of glass art has been lit from behind by the LEDs.

Kim Bramley glass item on SLF - backlight - sold


Summary info:

  • Established through working closely with international glass artists, Smart Light Frames® have been designed to light-up your works of glass art, bringing them to life in an exciting new way.
  • Instead of displaying glass or ceramic artwork inside regular picture frames, Smart Light Frames® illuminate the glass art work, with a full range of brightness settings; you can choose from bold statement pieces with bright lights, or you can create subtle and softer moods with lower brightness settings.
  • Wire-free power. Through the use of internal rechargable batteries; Smart Light Frames® illuminate do not need to be run full-time from the mains power. Instead you simply connect your Smart Light Frame to the mains supply as-and-when the batteries require recharging.
  • Smart Light Frames® can also be set up with motion sensors. This can be used to great effect, whether drawing attention to a work of art in a gallery, or lighting up darker areas of your office or home during the evening.
  • Smart Light Frames® are available in a range of sizes and styles; by working with the manufacturers, you can create a frame that is a perfect match for both your work of glass art and for the venue in which it will be displayed.


There are many practical applications for the Smart Light Frames®, including:

  • Galleries
    Smart Light Frames® enable you to create a new, fresh-looking feature, to attract people into your gallery or to highlight a special work of art.
  • Offices
    Works of Art can be used as statement pieces, with commissioned works being used to light-up reception areas, offices, and boardrooms.
  • Shops
    Use the frames to create an eye-catching display for your new products or special offers.
  • Restaurants
    By varying the brightness of the illumination, you can set variable custom moods most suited to the ambiance of your establishment. Smart Light Frames® are unique and will give your venue a distinctive and interactive talking point.
  • Homes
    Original Unique Art Works, where you can set mood-appropriate lighting for all living areas. You can use motion sensing capabilities of the frames to lighting up entrance areas, welcoming you as you arrive home. Alternatively, you could let the Smart Light Frames® illumination guide you through your hallways at night.
  • Childrens’ bedrooms
    The Smart Light Frames® are a living display of quality art, which can capture a child’s imagination and establish a creative atmosphere. By reducing lighting levels, you can also create a comfortable and soothing room in which your children can fall asleep.
  • Modern signage
    The Smart Light Frames® can be used as temporary or even portable signage displays.

Here is a further example of kiln-fired glass being displayed in a beautiful frame. The images show an intricate glass tree both without and with illumination; in the second image, the addition of light serves to make the tree’s silhouette even more striking.

Product2_NoLight Product2_Light

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